Carboxilic acids الأحماض العضوية

  • Definition: a Carboxylic acid is an organic compound containing a Carboxyl group ( C=O ). with an hydrogen and a R group bonded to the carconyl carbon. R represent groups such as an aliphatic group .
    The molecule on the left (acetic acid) highlight the functional group (the 3 remaining hydrogen atoms are drawn in green for clarity).
    The Carboxyl group is generaly written -COOH

  • الأحماض العضوية ( الكاربوكسيلية ) مركبات عضوية تحتوي على مجموعة الكاربوكسيل كمجموعة وظيفية .

  • Carboxylic acids are the most important acids of organic chemistry. They are present or in derived form in many natural substances:

    • Amino acids (building blocks of proteins). Note that the amino acids also contain an amine group.
      Below is given the structure of alanine

    • Fatty acids (building blocks of lipids) are long aliphatic chains terminated by the carboxyl group.
      The structure of stearine is given below.




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