Ethers الإيثرات


  • Definition: an Ether is an organic compound in which 2 carbon atoms are connected to an oxygen atom ( R-O-R' alkoxy group).Where R and R'represent groups such as a alkyl group
    The molecule on the left (dimethyl ether) shows the ether functional group (the remaining hydrogen atoms are drawn in green for clarity).

  • الإيثرات مركبات عضوية تحتوي على مجموعة الإيثر كمجموعة وظيفية .

  • The ether group is relatively inert and therefore ethers are often used as solvents.

  • Diethyl Ether (or "ether") CH3-CH2-O-CH2-CH3 was widely used as an anesthetic

  • Some other important ethers are crown ethers which are cyclic ethers


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